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2014年 夏祭り シドニーダーリングハーバー


2012年12月15日 シドニー 夏祭り ダーリングハーバー


ゴールドコースト祭 18032012

ゴールドコーストのブロードビーチ アルバート・ウォーターウェイ市民会館でマルティカルチャーのゴールドコースト祭が開催され、そこで大書パフォーマンス(1mx8m、4mx4m)をさせていただきました。

ゴールドコースト サーファーズでパフォーマンス





Nagoya Day 2010

Nagoya is a sister city of Sydney. There was a ceremony of 30th anniversary between them on 4th Nov 2010 in Customs House, Sydney. The event name was “Nagoya Day”.

2010 FETE in Sydney Japanese School


Candle Festival 2010 in Canberra


Children’s Day Coffs Harbour

→See more with Video

There was a Japan Festival for Children’s Day in Coffs Harbour. Sasebo city (Nagasaki Japan) is the sister city of Coffs Harbour and gave a lot of KOINOBORI to them. There are not many Japanese people live in this city but people loved Japanese Cultures and foods.
I had two stage s of my performance and my drawings were possessed in botanic garden in Coffs Harbour City.
I was interviewed in NBN evening news!! See news!! (But do not laugh at my speaking! )

Japan Day 2010 Auckland

→See more with video

There was “Japan Day” in Auckland New Zealand. I was invited by the Oakland Japan consulate general and had two stages of drawing performance. It was really big event. Prime Minister John Key had a speech for this event and more than 30,000 people came there. All of them enjoyed Japanese new and traditional cultures and nice foods!

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