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Shido-kan 士道館

This was the thirty years anniversary of KARATE-Do for Master Mizutani.

Tokyo Fiesta 2007

Date: 2 November 2007

Place: Martin Place Sydney


→See more with video

It was quite exciting performance for me and of course for the audience. I did three performances here. 1 wrote 12 characters to a long paper. I also did 8 characters to four pieces of paper. Each paper had 2 characters. I demonstrated 1 more character to the biggest paper in the last.

JP Summer Festival 2007 Darling harbour

[→See more with Video.
How nice to draw big artwork under the Sun. Also a lot of audience watched my performance.
The eyes of the spectator gave me special concentration. I demonstrated with more powerful movement than usual because I did not have to mind to make dirt outdoors.

Openning party iof Yuga Flora Cafe and Gallery

It was my first demonstration in Sydney. This art gallery had an opening party for Mr. Yuji Ogawa’s solo photo exhibition at that time. I was one of the performers for it.
I thought a demonstration with big brush was coarse. Too much ink was spent and surroundings were polluted carelessly. I didn’t like it. However the audience was really excited in my performance and I realized which way I should go.

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