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REN Page-6 Yamato-Damashii (The Japanese spirit)

Yamato-Damashii (The Japanese spirit) is on T-shit. It was exhibited when I had my solo exhibition ‘REN -page 6′ at the Sydney Kinokuniya Gallery in 2008. There were several colours for this t-shit such as pink, white and navy blue. The back of the t-shit had the logo of ‘RENCLUB’. I want to keep the Japanese spirit strongly in my life in foreign countries.

size : T-shirt (S-XL)

Solo-exhibition ‘REN -page 6′ Sydney Kinokuniya Gallery in 2008

REN Page-4 無窮/Mukyu (Endless) and 蒼海/Sou-kai (Blue Sea)

無窮/Mukyu (Endless) and 蒼海/Sou-kai (Blue Sea)

These two are one of his best art works. Both are in Azuma Japanese Restaurant which is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Sydney.

Mukyu was used quite unique expression method. I changed interpretation of the length of the points and the lines. A sense of the space processing is necessary to perform it well.

Size: 190cm x 85cm
Place: Books Kinokuniya Sydney
Year: 2007

Sou-kai was drawn with some colour inks such as blue, green, yellow and white. This art work is very special as a scroll. Normally a scroll is lengthwise but I designed as oblong.

Size: 135cm x 160cm
Place: Books Kinokuniya Sydney
Year: 2007

MIXI書展 #1 O-Gallery Tokyo May 2007



REN Page-3 愛 Sydney Kinokuniya Gallery 2006



“Living Arts of the Tokonoma” BEOWULF GALLERIES SYDNEY Dec 2002

Beowulf Galleryでのクリスマス企画展です。

“The art of flowers” Government House SYDNEY 2005

Goverment House(総督邸)で行われた企画展です。

One Day in Sydney 2002

中国画家の椎名千賀子氏とのコラボレーションです。ノースシドニーのY’s Restaurantで開催しました。

“Deko – Boko”

“Deko – Boko” is my favourite word. This word is originally ‘a projection and a cave’ but we can give it another meaning like men and women. They can be just united, can’t they??
There are a lot of different backgrounds and colours with them.

Size: photocopied on A4 paper.

Year: 1998

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