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REN Page-4 無窮/Mukyu (Endless) and 蒼海/Sou-kai (Blue Sea)

無窮/Mukyu (Endless) and 蒼海/Sou-kai (Blue Sea)

These two are one of his best art works. Both are in Azuma Japanese Restaurant which is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Sydney.

Mukyu was used quite unique expression method. I changed interpretation of the length of the points and the lines. A sense of the space processing is necessary to perform it well.

Size: 190cm x 85cm
Place: Books Kinokuniya Sydney
Year: 2007

Sou-kai was drawn with some colour inks such as blue, green, yellow and white. This art work is very special as a scroll. Normally a scroll is lengthwise but I designed as oblong.

Size: 135cm x 160cm
Place: Books Kinokuniya Sydney
Year: 2007


→See more with video

It was quite exciting performance for me and of course for the audience. I did three performances here. 1 wrote 12 characters to a long paper. I also did 8 characters to four pieces of paper. Each paper had 2 characters. I demonstrated 1 more character to the biggest paper in the last.

Ann MacArthur, Senior Coordinator NSW Art Gallery

People expected to see someone sitting at a table and writing little characters, but when Ren came to the Art Gallery he covered the whole floor in paper! He wore Japanese traditional dress and held a big brush. What he did was almost like a dance. It was a very dynamic performance with a stong impact.
Ann MacArthur, Senior Coordinator of Asian Programs NSW Art Gallery
on 29/07/2006-

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